About A+ Compass


The A+ Compass

A+ Compass was created to produce whiteboard compasses and soon expanded to include a variety of tools and materials for use by math educators. Over the years a wide variety of products were created or acquired including Magformers. With access to the Magformer products the decision was made to focus on the most successful products. This resulted in the identification of several high quality but low sales volume items being phased out (Please see CLOSE OUTS for details).

A+ Compass exhibits at a variety of conferences and events but focuses on regional, state and local math conferences. In additional classroom visits, conference workshops and consulting activities are part of our schedule.

Art Stoner, EdD is the inventor of the A+ Compass and founder of the company. After earning his doctorate from Western Michigan University, he taught algebra, statistics, and research methods courses. In addition to college/university level experience, he has taught secondary level courses in geometry, second year algebra, and statistics.

Jason Hildreth earned a degree in Psychology from Princeton University. He has been teaching Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra I, Precalculus and General Algebra II at Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon since 1995. In addition to contributing his skills to A+ Compass he is the author of the textbook used in the Honors Geometry course at Jesuit High School. He contributed the expertise required to create the “Step by Step Constructions” CD and has made contributions to other A+ Compass Cds.

Aaron Moody is also employed by the Math Science Innovation Center in Richmond, VA. He provides A+ Compass with the required design and technical skill to create our current A+ Tiles and our revised Magformers in the Classroom and Home CD. He continues to provide high level skills as we move toward even more sophisticated teacher/parent support software.

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