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All A+ Compass products are guaranteed for one year against breakage and malfunction that occurs during normal use. Replacement parts are available. Lost parts may be replaced at cost. Refunds, in full, will be issued upon return of merchandise. Refund will include cost of parcel post U.S. mail shipping. Please contact us by telephone for prompt attention to you needs.

Customer Comments

We started producing the A+ Compass in the spring of 2005. Already, our compasses are in use in over 3500 schools. We offer a money back guarantee if, for any reason, you are not satisfied, and we offer free replacement of broken parts. We have not had a single request for a refund!

Here are some unsolicited comments from purchasers. We have edited ONLY information regarding the person’s identity.

September 2012


Four of my graduate students gave us permission to use their comments on the A+ Tiles. They are as follows:

Kim said "A+ Tiles with the hundreds board is a technique that I have never used. It is a good way to incorporate basic number sense into my teaching without it being burdensome for me or the students. I am looking forward to using it next year."

Ashley said "I loved the A+ Tiles, I was a little skeptical at first as to their value but WOW they were neat and I plan to buy a few sets."

Becky said "What a great way to help students understand various expressions using the hands-on manipulatives. A lot of students are really good with patterns, so I could see how this could be very beneficial in the classroom, even if it was used as a warm-up activity."

Katie said "One of my favorite activities that we did today in class was dealing with the 100's board and A+ tiles. When working with the A+ tiles and seeing the patterns and equations, it was so clear to me that this was a way I had never seen before . . . I have several 100's boards in my classroom and never could find an activity that I could use them with but now I know a great activity that I will use with my students."

Graduate math education faculty member

July 2012


Just wanted to let you know how much the teachers in my workshop enjoyed working with the A+ Tiles this summer. Most of the teachers were not familiar with them so we let them explore on their own before we started the lesson with them. Some of the teachers said they planned to ask their principals to buy sets of A+ Tiles for their school.

I really appreciate your getting them to us in time to use in the workshop!

Professor of Mathematical Sciences

July 2012

My students love it when I get out my white board compass. They are impressed by how quickly I can draw a perfect set of concentric circles. This year I took it out into the hallway and drew a large compass rose on the floor so that my students could see how turning 90 degrees to the right or 270 degrees to the left changed the direction they were heading.

June 2012

The A+ compass set has been an invaluable addition to my classroom. It is so much easier to use than a traditional compass on the white board surface. My students like to vie for the opportunity to use these tools for class demonstrations.

May 2012

"Art Stoner did a really great job with my students! They enjoyed learning about the magformers and different geometry terms. They loved how hands-on everything was! :)"
Abby Rzepnicki, 3rd grade teacher

"Dr. Stoner inspired my students to discover number patterns with A+ Tiles. They are excited about math!"
Kim Dempsey, NBCT, 1st Grade Teacher

"Magformers were engaging and entertaining. I would definitely use them to help teach 3D Shapes to my Third Graders."
Anna Gurnett, 3rd grade teacher

March 2012

Dr. Stoner,

Thank you for sending the replacement compass tips. at no charge The A+ compasses are excellent tools for drawing circles and arcs on a whiteboard. I use the magnetic straightedges, daily. Thanks for creating these fine products!

Ralph Hickman
Piedmont Academy
Monticello, Georgia

February 2012

A+ Compass,

I would like to share with you the reaction of my students to using Magformers. My students eyes light up when I introduced them to 3D shapes using Magformers. Every student was engaged, and wanted to create all the Platonic solids themselves. The bright colors and ease of construction, makes it so easy for students to identify the faces, vertices, and edges. When I set up a center with the Magformers, it was, and still is, the first center they go to and work with each other making 3D geo-models and they quiz each other on the names, faces, vertices and edges. I have even had students ask if they can stay in at recess to build shapes with them.

As my class put it......." They are AWESOME". Thank you A+COMPASS and Art Stoner.

Debbie Meredith
Math Coach
Jefferson County Schools

Feburary 2012

A+ Compass,

I recently purchased a set of A+ Tiles from your company. Being a math coach, I held a Professional Development for my middle school teachers. I introduced the A+ Tiles during this PD, and the teachers loved them. They were excited at the idea of students using hands-on materials for investigation and inquiry. (Hands-on materials are sometimes overlooked in these middle grades.) The 7th Grade teachers took these materials back to their classes and used them in their classes the next week. Students were excited and surprised at the discoveries they made. This is a great tool to get middle school students involved and excited about math. When students discover patterns, recognize properties and prove mathmatical theories on their own, they own it.

Middle school math coach

January 2012

I am in my eighth year teaching geometry and honors geometry. In that time, I have progressed from paper and compasses and small group demonstrations. When I received the grant for the first interactive white board in the school, I looked forward to the digital compass and demonstrating constructions on it. In the end, a physical compass on the white board seems to translate to student understanding more readily and the A+ Compass is the best dry erase compass out there.

Brookfield, CT 06804

December 2011

Dear Art,

I was both amazed and delighted to see the book, Platonic & Archimedean Solids, in the picture with the magformers on your website. I am 64 years old, and that book got me started with magformers in the first place. Having come to an interest in geometry rather late in life, I was studying that little book but just couldn't quite grasp the explanations of three dimensional shapes on the flat page, so I decided I would have to find some magnetic shapes I could use to make what I was seeing in the book. Now, six years later, I do let my grandchildren play with the magformers when they are at my house, but I don't let them take them home because I still love "playing" with them myself.


March 2011

MAGFORMERS- My granddaughter is absolutely in love with these and I am sure she will want more.

Virginia educator

March 2011

Hello!! Gotta say you guys are great! Not only did I receive and pay this invoice but…..the package arrived today! To let you know this equipment isn't for me it's for a friend in Brazil that I've been working with down there and who has trouble getting things like this. So I'm very happy to have found these items and from such great people as well!

Thanx again,


January 2011

NEW! A+ TILES – 100 Boards Math

Review based on a sample of activites for the 100 Boards project to be available February 1, 2011

I found the "Hundreds Board" fascinating. But as I played with it, I was struck by the way it encouraged the search for patterns and the underlying structures that generated them. My wife was also fascinated, and agreed that the tactile nature of the tool would really encourage youngsters to investigate it, with guidance from an adult. She also said if I could teach her algebra with it, she'd buy several herself! She always loved geometry but never made the successful transition to algebra. I think the inherently geometric nature of the tool is a great feature to invite those like her to explore. I noted that the tiles could also be used as a puzzle of sorts where the challenge was to assemble them into rectangles of various dimensions. (Activities involving constructing various squares and rectangles are part of the activities but were not included in the sample).

December 2010

On Magformers

I think the most important tool is the spacial awareness that children develop from manipulating the shapes which gives children the relational understanding of shapes needed for future learning of math and geometry. I think it also gives kids an understanding of how shapes work together and basic construction/engineering. They also provide a good lesson on magnets.

They are also just fun... I find myself playing with them - it is a good outlet for "hands on creativity" - especially for kids with delayed fine motor skill development that have a difficult time with representational drawings. Manipulating the magnets does aid in fine motor development.

They also come with diagrams for the kids to follow - which I think really helps with motor planning and visual direction following for kids that can not read yet.

Okay... I think I should sell these - I'm sold on them ;-)

Anonymous parent

July 2010

Thank you Dr. Stoner,

I purchased two of these 3-piece combos last year and all of my teachers loved them, so I had to order more.


September 2009

Wow!!! I love my new compass! It is so easy to use and the circles come out great every time. I am so glad I found you. Now I can throw away the egg shaped circles I have hanging in my room.

From Egg shaped to Excellent,
Alvin, TX

April 2009

Dear Art,

I can't thank you enough for your contributions at the Greater Richmond Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2009 Spring Conference. Not only was you display of products engaging to our attendees; but your presentation on "Teaching Geometry with Experiments and Demonstrations" was well received by those who attended. Thanks for the doorprizes, too! We look forward to having you next year at our conference as an exhibitor and speaker.


April 2009

Dear Art,

Thank you for developing such interesting and innovative manipulatives. I am teaching mathematics and mathematical pedagogy to pre-service and in-service teachers.

I used several puzzles in my classes (square to pentagon, haberdasher extended set, and Busschop's hexagon to square). We also used new three piece puzzle. These manipulatives allowed us to organize truly constructivist lessons that start with non-trivial and interesting exploration and then follows by analysis of the relationship between area and perimeter.

Since the area stays the same, the investigation involves exploration of perimeter. As you point out in your handout, the investigation leads to the observation that "the perimeter decreases towards the limit." These investigations are then continued on geoboards where students can easily create a variety of polygons with the same area and then discuss what happens with perimeter.

My middle school teachers (university students) also used these manipulatives in grades 6 and 7 and observed that these manipulatives helped to engage students' interest, curiosity, and creativity.

Thank you for providing a bigger variety of puzzles this year.

Best regards,
Olga K.

March 2009


I love your LASER cut products. I first used your Pythagorean Theorem Set 2 years ago. Not only did my pre algebra students understand and pass my test but so did my special ed students. One of my special ed students understood the concept so well he went into another pre algebra class taught his peers. He also earned a 100 on my chapter test. I saw his mom not long after the test and she told me what a boost it was for his self esteem, and the test was still on their fridge.

I can't wait to have the students explore your other products.

Thanks again,
Chesapeake, VA

January 2009

I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product (the A+ Compass). I am a new geometry teacher this year at a private school, and I ordered one compass from you, and one from another company. To put it bluntly, I use only yours.

I also very much appreciate your customer service. It is wonderful to have all my questions and concerns answered directly by the designer and owner of the company!


September 2008

Hello, A+ Compass!
I love your whiteboard compass, we have bought 2 of them in the last year and they are great! I have just ordered your 360 degree protractor, and expect it to be just as great.



August 2008

Perhaps it is because you are still small enough to care, but your customer service is on a whole different level than the rest of the world.


July 2008

I love that compass!- It's simple, elegant, and harmonious.....everything you'd expect in a successful design. I guess I should say that about all the stuff I ordered. It's obvious you are concerned with the end-user's needs.

Thanks again; you're super.

Wichita, KS

May 2008

Dr. Stoner:

Thank you for the great help at the ND Spring Math Conference and for your fantastic products. I can't say enough about the great A+ Compass math tools! They have made my teaching 110% easier. My students are now able to demonstrate the concepts of geometry with greater precision. The "Haberdasher's Problem Puzzle" has put "ahaa's" back into my classroom instead of the "hohum's"!

Vicki (Geometry Teacher)
North Dakota

March 2008

I purchased several items at a recent conference and last night I pulled out the Haberdasher puzzle and "wowed" my family! I can see this is going to be fun with and for the students.

Instructor, Mathematics
Piedmont Community College

March 2008

The A+ Compass with the MIMIO pen attachment is amazing for doing geometric constructions!!! The step-by-step clarity of the constructions is wonderful and so easy to use on the whiteboards. The kids love coming to the board to show off their skills.


Fairfax County Virginia

February 2008

Over the past few years, we have gathered quite an assortment of compasses for the white boards and none have been satisfactory. That was until one of our teachers brought back an A+ Compass from a conference. It is so simple and yet works perfectly!

Rhode Island

January 2008

Art has created some amazing tools for the Mathematics classroom. The whiteboard compass enables the teacher to provide an excellent enlarged example for students to follow. The presentation grabs students’ attention like no other tool around. I taught in the High School classroom for 3 years with Art’s creations and A+ Compass truly had an impact on student performance.


December 2007

The A+ Compass, protractor and straightedge are wonderful teaching tools. They help the students to be engaged in their learning by providing hands-on activities and can readily be applied to real-world situations. One of the best features is the ability of the protractor to measure turns of 360 degrees. Because it’s magnetic, it’s accessibility saves the teacher time and because it is clear, students are able to measure a wide variety of objects making the learning meaningful.

Faye Jackson
Math Coach K-12
Star City Public Schools
Star City, AR

December 2007

This is a great tool for illustrating an important skill to Geometry students. When I started teaching Geometry, I was given one of those old wooden compasses designed for drawing circles with chalk on a blackboard. The dry erase markers were held on with rubber bands. (I'm originally from Pittsburgh, so I'm tempted to say "gum bands" here, something only appreciated by fellow Pittsburghers!) As you can imagine, anything would have been an improvement. But, with the A+ Compass, I got more than an improvement. I got a tool that fits the need perfectly.

- Tom

November 2007

Dr. Stoner:

Both my husband and I were thrilled to meet you and see the demonstration of all your terrific products. Thank you so much for your time. You certainly had the most impressive demonstration at the conference!

New Hampshire

July 2007

Art—when we met at NCTM in St. Louis last year, I asked about a longer magnetic ruler. You had a prototype to me in weeks, and it works better than any white board ruler I have ever seen. My entire staff is now using your tool kit to teach geometry, and I have just ordered many of your new “toys” to test on my students this year. Your tools are designed to actually use, and not just gather dust. Keep them coming!

Bill Kautzman
Nashville, TN

Dr. Stoner:

I met you at the VCTM Conference a few weeks ago and purchased the Pythagorean theorem set with the semicircles. The disk you included has some great material. I just wanted you to know that I showed the set to a student and he is now working on proving the Pythagorean theorem using semicircles, triangles, etc. (and enjoying it). The materials you provide are great.

Thank you,

University faculty member


I loved both the white board compass and the large magnetic ruler! I have already shown it to my students and I am also sharing it with other faculty members. I have encouraged our faculty to stop by your booth at NCTM. Great job! These tools were much needed in our field. Definitely the best I've tried.

Thanks so much!


Wendy B. Sanchez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
Kennesaw State University
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Stoner:

I recently attended a conference on Geometry instruction, and we used your compasses in our groups. My colleagues and I were really impressed at how much these compasses can aid in cooperative group work and classroom discussion of student work. We were inspired to put together groups in our room with a large whiteboard as the table top surface, using your compasses to make large constructions that can readily be shared with the entire class in demonstrations. Our district even approved a grant for our department to buy more. Thanks for creating such great product! No more sliding compass points or taping white board markers to those old wooden chalk compasses!


I purchased your compass at the T3 Conference last Spring and love it. Unfortunately, it was "lost" over the Summer break. Help, I NEED it for my Geometry classes. A great product!



I just got the compass and the protractor. I love the compass! AND the protractor! I looked at whiteboard compasses for days and I decided yours looked the best. I am a geometry freak and I do a lot of teaching with compasses, protractors and straightedges. I had an old chalkboard compass which slides all over the place.


Dear Dr. Stoner...I just wanted to tell you that I am taking a class under Dr. [omitted] at [omitted] State University here in [omitted]. This is a class for teachers who are teaching math but that math was not necessarily their major. Today your A+ compass and magnetic ruler were used and I want to thank you for making something that is so user friendly. I am going to ask my principal to order a set of these so that I can use them in my classroom. I teach seventh grade at a middle school where 85% of our students are on the free or reduced lunch program. Many cannot afford to buy a ruler much less a compass or protractor. These tools are perfect for student and teacher use. Our class of teachers got excited today using them and I can't wait to see the expressions on the faces of 11or 12 year olds as they go the board and use them. Dr.[omitted] said that you are going to be at the NC Math Conference in Greensboro in October, 2006. I am going to share your information with math teachers in [omitted] who are not in this class. Thanks for creating an aid that puts excitement in the teaching of geometry.

I think your materials are wonderful and a "must have" for us math teachers! We are currently looking at about a dozen sets of the compass, protractor and ruler.

Fauna from Illinois

Dr. Stoner:

After years of struggling to try and adapt my old wooden compass to accommodate a whiteboard marker, I finally have a tool made for the job. The A+ compass is so easy to use, and completely effective at constructing circles and arcs. You can even hold the center in place with one hand and adjust the length with the other. I love my new compass so much, I recommended them to the rest of my department!



I love the compass and have already used it to teach Venn diagrams. They've never looked so good!


Thank you for developing the A+ Compass. I am only in my second year of teaching, but from my past years in business and industry, it was clear to me that your product was manufactured with a level of quality that will last a career. I even had a 30 plus year veteran borrow the compass and exclaim “This is better than the compass I bought last year”.



I just wanted to let you know that I have finally had a chance to try the shortened compass you sent me after talking to you at the math conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I want you to know it worked great! My kids even commented on how perfect the circles came out. I have already showed it to a few teachers and will definitely talk it up. Thanks so much! You have solved a problem for me that I have been trying to find a solution to for awhile.


Dr. Stoner:

We would like to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to use the compass your company offers. We are sure it will be an asset to the (omitted) University Math Department. The enclosed compass is one we have used in the past.

Carla, Tim, Lana and Pam

Hi Art:
We received the compasses. We are an excited math department. It feels like Christmas around here. Thanks a bunch.


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