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All A+ Compass products are guaranteed for one year against breakage and malfunction that occurs during normal use. Replacement parts are available. Lost parts may be replaced at cost. Refunds, in full, will be issued upon return of merchandise. Refund will include cost of parcel post U.S. mail shipping. Please contact us by telephone for prompt attention to you needs.

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In addition to PAYPAL A+ Compass accepts major credit cards! Orders from school systems and individuals may now be placed by telephone. Credit cards may also be used at all conferences! This service applies during regular office hours. You may, of course, leave a call back number.

Please confirm FAX orders by telephone or email, and contact us by telephone or email if you need assistance.

School Purchase Orders are always welcome.

Additional shipping charges will be applied to orders outside the US and to West Coast APO orders. Please contact us by email before placing your order.

A+ Compass
673 Southview Circle
Kodak, TN 37764



A+ Card Holders

We've designed a cardholder for bridge players and most other card games. It conceals the cards, is non-slip, and is easy to carry with the thumb hole.

$15.95 each plus S/H

A+ Cardholder Image
Quantity plus shipping
Quantity plus shipping

A+ Compass: Compass for Whiteboard

A+ Compass was developed for the educator, artist, or anyone else who needs to create accurate constructions.

A+ Compass

A+ Compass

Ask anyone who has used one! There is no comparison! The traditional scissors style compass can not compete with a beam style compass. Because the tip does not rotate and there is no horizontal force involved you DO NOT need a suction cup (which also obscures and erases the center) and you can enjoy all the other benefits. You get greatly improved accuracy, speed and ease in changing settings and markers. We guarantee your satisfaction- over 10,000 sold!

This precision math compass for drawing geometry constructions or circles/arcs is available in two beam lengths (VIEW DETAILS). The A+ Compass uses a wide variety of writing implements, from pencils to EXPO style markers and is outstanding for board, overhead, and desktop use. All A+ Compass parts are interchangeable and additional beams may be purchased separately. Be sure to check out our combos.

Marker not included.
(plus shipping and handling)

Contact me about discounts for 10 or more.

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A+ Compasses and Beams
Magnetic Straightedges
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A+ Compasses & Beams (2 sizes)
Magnetic Straightedges
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360° Protractor
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Platonic Solids
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Hundreds Board
Platonic Solids Book
Magnet Pawns
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Hundreds Board
Pythagorean Theorem Set
Right Triangles and Pythagorean Sets
Haberdasher Set
Large Square to Pentagon
Pythagorean Theorem Set
Right Triangles & Pythagorean Sets
Haberdasher Puzzle
Large Square to Pentagon

A+TILES Exploring Mathematics with 100 Boards, A+ TILES and Pawns. Inquiry based activities involving properties of real numbers, number theory, algebra, geometry and statistics. Challenging and engaging investigations for K-12 students and math educators. These materials are now available in classroom sets and individual sets.

New A+ CD-ROMOur A+ Tiles CD-ROM now incorporates user recommendations and greatly increases both teacher and student ease of use.
This is a dramatic alternative approach to introducing algebra and algebra-related concepts to a wide range of students including elementary, special education, and introductory middle school and high school students.

Be sure to watch the movie below!

Hundreds Board

Hundreds Board
The A+ TILES 100 Board Set includes eleven tiles with one to five squares, 26 pawns consisting of 25 of one color and one of a contrasting color. The tiles may also be combined to form additional tiles. A CD with a wide range of activities and supplemental information is also included.

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All A+ Compass tools are intended for use by adults and supervised children eight years old and up. Plastic and metal objects should not be placed in mouth and are intended for instructional use only.